Windmill Villa Holiday Rentals is owned by husband and wife team Fitzroy and Ann Laetitia McKenzie who live on the top floor of this luxurious property.

Ann Laetitia McKenzie:  born and raised on the island of Carriacou. She received her primary education at the Dover Model School now Dover Government School and later attended Bishop’s College from its inception in 1964 and graduated in 1968, which lead to her becoming an educator for five years at The Dover Government School before migrating to Canada.

In Canada, Ann sustained her education at The Continued Education College and Karen Hall Careers.  She worked as a computer operator, accountant and later spent 25 years in Supply Management and Acquisitions at one of the most prestigious companies in Canada.

After 38 years in Canada Ann decided it was time to return to her homeland in Carriacou.

Fitzroy Anthony McKenzie: born in St. Nicholas, Aruba.  After six months he was brought to Carriacou where he grew up with his Grandmother.  Fitzroy received his primary education at the Hillsborough Government School.  At the age of 15 he went to Birmingham, England to join his father, mother and other siblings.

Fitzroy furthered his education at the Slade Road Secondary School and Government Training School where he attained a Tool Setter/Screw Machine Certificate. He worked as a qualified machinist/screw machine operator.  In 1981 he migrated to Canada and continued working in that field.

After several years of spear-heading the building of the Windmill Villa it was time to take possession.  He is now enjoying the fruits of his labor.


Welcome to Windmill Villa Holiday Rentals situated on the Craigston Estate, Carriacou, Grenada in the Caribbean. Windmill Villa apartment offers you the chance to enjoy a luxury holiday experience on the sleepy island of Carriacou, Grenada.

Windmill Villa is a two storey building which offers visitors the chance to rent the luxurious holiday rooms. It’s the home of husband and wife team Fitzroy and Ann-Laetitia McKenzie. The couple who live upstairs on the second floor of  the villa, designed and built this spectacular property. The rooms are furnished and styled to the highest standards to ensure you have the holiday of your dreams.

Windmill Villa holiday rental rooms are available throughout the year in Carriacou and is a short hop from the main island of Grenada.  Catch a short ferry or take a quick plane ride from Grenada to Carriacou. Couples, singles and families with children are all welcome. The apartment has magnificent sea views of Carriacou and the Craigston Estate. It’s a stones throw away from beautiful Silver Beach where you can enjoy crystal clear sea waters and spectacular views – it’s paradise.

The property is located on the Craigston Estate which was previously home to a lime crushing factory. The whole area is awash with luscious fruit trees and glorious vegetation.

So, why not rent the Windmill Villa luxury holiday rentals today? It’s the perfect hideaway and Carriacou’s best-kept secret.